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How to have Healthy Lucky and Brilliant Child?

How to have Healthy lucky and Brilliant child? AN  ISO 9001:2008 ORGANISATION FOR INFERTILITY TREATMENT WITH HEALTHY FOOD, HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.. . Every couple  dreams about their would be Child. They will plan how to prepare/train their would be child. Some of them dreams that their would be child as a SCIENTIST OR A DOCTOR OR AN ENGINEER OR CHARTED ACCOUNTANT OR ANY ONE WITH RESPECTABLE PROFESSION OR OTHERS. Their dreams will only fulfill when the child becomes as their parents expectation. If the child is mentally or physically handicapped or criminal nature their parents will be sad till the end of their life. I have seen more than 10000 children with physically/mentally handicapped and more than 2500 children with criminal nature in my research. To avoid this I researched through Medical Astrology and found solution ie how to have Healthy Lucky and Brilliant Child visit My Experiences Every couple wish to have a Healthy