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AN  ISO 9001:2008 ORGANISATION FOR INFERTILITY TREATMENT WITH HEALTHY FOOD, HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.. . Health Problems As per astrology the Birth Chart is divided in twelve Parts. They represent and influence on our Body parts as under 1st House : Head and Face, Brain and Bones of our head and face 2nd House: Face, Right Eye, Tongue, Nose, Teeth , Ears, Fingers, Nails, Bones and flesh 3rd House: Neck, throat, collar Bones , hands, breathing, ears, bodily growth 4th House : Breast and Chest, chest and ribs, Blood, heart 5th House :Uppar abdomen, mind, liver, gall bladder, spleen , intestines 6th House : Lower Abdomin, Naval, Bones, Flesh, anus, kidneys 7th House: Seman, uterus of the lady, overies, prostate glands 8th House : Generative organs, urine, blood, Bladder and Bones of pelvic area 9th House : Hips and Thighs, veins and arteries, bones of thighs 10th House :Knees and hands, flesh 11th House ; Legs , left ear, breathing, shanks 12th House : Feet and Toes, Lymphatic