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Many questions on INFERTILITY, CHILD BIRTH etc...

AN  ISO 9001:2008 ORGANISATION FOR INFERTILITY TREATMENT WITH HEALTHY FOOD, HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.. . I have received thousands of mails asking me various questions and I answered to them.  I wish to tell all the  aspirant couples to give birth to HEALTHY CHILD around the GLOBE.  You might not have seen that any animal have consulted  any specialists or other for their INFERTILITY PROBLEMS.  Our body structure is similar to animal that is the reason that Human beings are included under the subject ZOOLOGY.  What ever the parts they have similar parts we have.  The only difference they have 4 legs -- we have two hands and two legs.  The other thing is we can think what is the best - they cannot think.  God before creating animals (including us) he created all trees,plants etc..and filled all minerals, nutrients, proteins, vitamins food grains, vegetables, fruits, leaves etc..the animals picked their food from it and living happily till the last breath.  God has gifted us along wi