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Birth defects due to Diabetes....2

Birth defects due to Diabetes....2 Diabetes During Pregnancy Diabetes is a serious disease in which your body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in your blood because it does not have enough insulin. Diabetes is the most common medical complication during pregnancy, representing 3.3% of all live births. No matter what type of diabetes you have, there are many steps you should follow leaving all unhealthy habits...It will protect U and Ur unborn child How is preexisting diabetes treated during my pregnancy? Whether you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, treating diabetes during pregnancy is key to the health of both you and your baby. When U have high Diabetes U should postpone your pregnancy till it come to safe zone. Than U should be careful everyday and take Healthy food which is giving you all most all nutrients sufficient to U and Ur unborn child. Avoid unhealthy food till u delivered. Because Ur and Ur unborn child's Health is important. Pregnancy i

Birth defects due to Diabetes..1

Birth defects due to Diabetes..1 Brought to U ......   and My memories Birth defects due to Diabetes..1 Posted in 2015 There various birth defects due to  Diabetes.  The couple should take care before conceiving.  Your Healthy life style, Healthy food etc..Plays an important role to avoid such birth defects. I advise every couple to control their Diabetes with Healthy habits before conceiving so as to avoid Defective births, miscarriage, abortions, still born etc... To educate all I created various blogs. Diabetes and pregnancy.......1 I heard about Diabetes in my childhood and everyone called it as Sugar disease.....I asked many doctors about it they said when sugar is in our blood it is called Diabetes. I have several doubts that how sugar is entered in our blood. I have seen some defective children and inquired about their birth cause...Medical experts said when the couple is suffering from Diabetes th


Thursday, February 6, 2014 Profession of your Child AN  ISO 9001:2008 ORGANISATION FOR INFERTILITY TREATMENT WITH HEALTHY FOOD, HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.. . Give birth to a Child with GOOD PROFESSION I have seen thousands of Children interested in various kinds of education. Some children are Healthy but poor in their Mental condition. I observed in some families that members are of different Mentalities and different professions..I also seen some children are Healthy and Brilliant but they used their intelligence in negative aspect and became criminals or undesired professionals. Their parents are so sad with them. According to  my opinion every couple should have a child with good behavior , intelligent. They may settle in any respectable profession as  Players, Singers, Directors, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists etc..  I studied Astrologically on profession and I found which planet cause which profession. I guided some couples to have sex at a particular moment to gi