How to have Healthy and Brilliant child?

How to have Healthy and Brilliant child?


I clearly  explained the nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins etc... as required in your sperm /eggs to form all parts of your child and the importance of   1.  Air  2. Water  3. Healthy food  4. Rest  5. Excrement  6.  Exercise  and 7. Healthy Thoughts or Positive Thinking  to avoid defective birth.  Please see my blog
Fertility and Pregnancy.   What ever the minerals.vitamins, nutrients, proteins required to form your sperm/eggs are available in your Healthy food  please see my blogs  1.Required Nutrients  2.Mineral Values
3.Nutritional Values

In my 40 years research I applied my theory  on many couples and achieved positive results i.e. all are given birth to HEALTHY  AND BRILLIANT CHILD.  This encouraged me a lot and I decided to explain my theory to all couples around the world.

I wish every couple should have HEALTHY AND BRILLIANT CHILD

I express my sincere Thanks to all Doctors & Health specialists  who have given Constructive comments/suggestions on my blogs and my websites.
I am also thankful to the couples who have given birth to Defective child and asks me the reason for their child birth.  I clarified their doubts.  I wish to explain to all aspirant couples who wants to give birth to Healthy and Brilliant Child.  The reasons for defective child birth are 1. Scientific Reasons and 2. Astrological Reasons.
1. Scientific Reasons :: The aspirant couple must contain all minerals, nutrients, vitamins, proteins as required to form their SPERM/EGGS in their bodies.  If the nutrients are which required for a particular part such as Bones...the required is  CALCIUM.  If their is Deficiency in their will reflect in child's body due to which their bone structure is weak.  Besides this the couple must know the importance of  1.  Air  2. Water  3. Healthy food  4. Rest  5. Excrement  6.  Exercise  and 7. Healthy Thoughts or Positive Thinking  to avoid defective birth.
2. Astrological Reasons::As per  Astrology the out come results of any work depend upon 1.Their birth Planetary position 2. Their planetary periods 3. Transiting position of planets at the time of their WORK..its results are depend on their Strength and planets star lords.
Similarly when couple wants to give birth to Healthy child we will take  Birth details of Parents then we will calculate the most auspicious time to do SEX to give birth to the Healthy child.  We will calculate  the  favorable time of  planets as per their birth chart, planetary periods, transiting planets etc..the child will be Healthy and Intelligent.  While fixing the time we will keep in mind the parts of child 1. Brain 2.Heart and 3.Kidney.  Brain and Kidney cells cannot be changed till the end of the life.  You might have heard that
Brain Transplantation and Kidney Transplantation i.e. these two parts cannot be repaired/treated.  I have seen many children born with Heart problem such as Heart Blocks by birth, Heart Dislocation, Heart out side of the body etc..these problems cannot be treated ...the ultimate result is that their parents have to  suffer till the end of their life.  All other parts of the body will be rectified during pregnancy before delivery.
I researched on this topic more than 40 years to guide the aspirant couples to give birth to Healthy child.  Please read all my blogs and my website to know details visit  If you are resident of India  OR  If you are resident of any other country
My Request:: I sincerely request the parents of Defective Child to send me a Child's Photo along with parents, Birth details, birth defects etc..these are helpful to my research.  I will publish their photos in my blogs or my websites whenever I update.
See some of Defective child births around the Globe from my blog  Defectivebirths
Please see my older posts also to know scientific reasons for Male or Female infertility etc..


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