Infertility is the major problem world wide

Infertility is the major problem world wide

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Infertility is the major problem world wide
Posted in 2016
Infertility is the major problem world wide
When we compared birth rate in 1950 is 118 per thousand woman and 2013 is 62.5 per thousand woman...I researched on it considering age, profession, life style, food habits etc..I found
1. The children below 18 years are Infertile due Unhealthy life style, tensions on the Education, if they are tensions due to financial problems etc..
2. The age of children between 18 to 25 years due to how to settle in profession, unhealthy food, unhealthy life style etc..
3. The age of children between 25 to 30 years due to over thinking about their would life partner, neglecting their food and their life style etcc..
4. The age between 30 to 35 years due to professional, family and other tensions
5. The age beyond 35 years due to various health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cholestral etc...
My advise
1. Don't prolong for your pregnancy due to any reason
2. Follow healthy habits, healthy food etc..
3. Drink sufficient water
4. Sound sleep for minimum 5 hours
5. Avoid all kinds of tensions
6. Practice breathing techniques
7. Wait to enjoy with your child
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