Child - Lucky Healthy and Brilliant

Child .... Lucky, Healthy and Brilliant


Every couple wish to have Healthy, Intelligent and Lucky Child but only few couples will a child As per their expectation.

If you are firm to have Healthy, Intelligent and Lucky Child then we will tell you how to fulfil
Your desire.

I being Medical  Astrologist and I will suggest you accordingly

After Receiving following Investigation Reports and Birth Details

1. Male Sperm Count
2. Female Egg Count
3. In female there are other problems also I,e Tubes were blocked to obstruct the free flow of Sperm
4. Any other

We will calculate and guide you how to improve Male Sperm Count, Female Egg Count and Remove obstructions to form the Pregnancy.

We don’t advice any Medicines.

See some of Defective child births around the Globe from my blog  Defectivebirths



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