Male Infertility Problems and charts

Male Infertility problems and charts

Possible Male Fertility Problems

  •  Sexually Transmitted diseases or other infections. Genital infections such as chlamydia  and gonorrhea  can cause infertility in men. The infertility can often be resolved by treating the infection.
  • Blockages, birth defects , or physical damage. In some cases, men are born with blockages in parts of the testicle or other abnormalities that prevent sperm from getting into the semen. Physical trauma to the testicles, prostate, and urethra can also result in fertility problems. Surgery can sometimes correct the problem.
  • Retrograde ejaculation. In this disorder, semen doesn't come out of the penis  during ejaculation, but instead enters the bladder. It can be caused by diabetes , certain medications , and surgery to the bladder, prostate, or urethra.
  • Genetic diseases. Although it's rare, genetic illnesses such as cystic fibrosis  or chromosomal disorders can cause infertility.
  • Autoimmune problems. In some cases, the immune system can mistakenly target sperm cells and treat them as if they were a foreign virus. The sperm can become damaged as a result.
  • Hormonal problems. Certain hormonal imbalances -- in the pituitary and thyroid  glands, for instance -- can cause infertility. Your doctor may suggest treatment with medication.
  • Sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction  (impotence) and premature ejaculation  can obviously have an effect on fertility. Erectile dysfunction  can be caused by psychological problems such as anxiety , guilt, or low self-esteem. It is also caused by physical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol , and heart disease . In addition, impotence may be a side effect of certain medications such as anti-depressants. 
  • Varicoceles. Varicoceles are enlarged varicose veins  that develop in the scrotum and prevent blood from flowing properly. Varicoceles are found in 15% of all men and in up to 40% of men being evaluated for infertility. Although they may be a factor in male infertility, recent studies question whether surgery to correct varicoceles has any beneficial effect.
  • World Birth Defects Day: March 3, 2015

  • See EENADU Telugu Daily dated June 28, 2015 to know How our health is Damaging.

  • You can see birth defects from the following link only in US

Your life partner's Fertility also important to have Healthy and Brilliant child.  I am giving here how your wife's age effect to have Healthy and Brilliant Child

Female Fertility 100% and 0% according to Age
Every female will take birth with 100% fertility and diminish its chances to 0% according to the Age. The following chart will tell you about how her fertility diminish to Zero.

Note ::Except Varicocele  other problems can solved be with our process....Idiopathic take long process but the chances are 50:50 .some birth defects are not curable....few genetic problems may take more than one year to cure but we don't charge U.... remaining can be solved with Healthy food, Healthy life style etc....We don't advice Medicines....We advice Healthy food, Healthy life style etc...according to your age, physical structure, health conditions etc......You must follow my instructions to have Healthy and Brilliant Child.  Your age and health conditions may prevent your cherished Goal to Have Healthy and Brilliant child if you prolong to get the treatment in time.  To know our process visit  or 


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