Female Infertility charts

Female infertility charts

The chart below shows your chances of getting pregnant according to your age. The chart is only a guide. It shows average figures for women in the best of health.
Infertility in Female according to your Age
According to my research Every woman should not Prolong to have Pregnancy. This may diminish the chances according to your age.
What ever proteins, vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc...required to get pregnant soon are available in your food. These are safe ...No Side effects..No reactions. To know the contents see my blogs
You can see number of birth defects in US from the following link -http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/birthdefects/features/birthdefects-keyfindings.html
World Birth Defects Day: March 3, 2015

Your life partner's Fertility also important to have Healthy and Brilliant child.  I am giving here how your wife's age effect to have Healthy and Brilliant Child

Female fertility 100%  TO   0%
Every female will take birth with 100% fertility and diminish its chances to 0% according to the Age. The following chart will tell you about how her fertility diminish to Zero.

  • See EENADU Telugu Daily dated June 28, 2015 to know How our health is Damaging.
Note: I advice every one not to prolong for pregnancy.  Your negligence may Diminish your chances to have Pregnancy according to your Age and Health conditions.  We don't advice Medicines...we advice you Healthy food, Healthy life style etc...according to your Age and Health conditions etc...You must follow our advise to have Healthy and Brilliant child...No side effects..No reactions...you can avoid defective child birth....you need not to run for medicines or operations or others... further. details visit http://successgain.us or  http://successgain.info


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