Avoid high glyceemic index foods

Avoid high glyceemic index foods

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Avoid high glyceemic index foods
Posted in 2014

We get energy with Glucose..  What ever the food we take will be converted to Glucose which form our body uses to get energy.  Some foods immediately converted into glucose which consumes more insulin...  We should avoid these foods.  These are called High glyceemic index foods.

If you want to increase your fertility, avoid foods that make your blood sugar spike, especially if you're not pairing them with foods that slow down that rise. "Blood sugar spikes can cause inflammation, alter our hormones, and impede ovulation," says Tolbert. Try to choose slow burning carbs, like whole-wheat bread and pasta and brown rice over refined ones when possible, and combine them with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

My advise
1...  What ever we eat will be converted into glucose.
2..   Our body will use Glucose to get energy

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