Reproduction of Human beings - Female

Reproduction of Human beings - Female

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Reproduction of Human beings - Female
Posted in 2013

Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system in humans in entirely within the pelvic cavity. It comprises of the following structures:
  • Ovaries: They give rise to the female gamete or the egg. Each ovary releases one egg alternatively each month. Ovulation is the process of release of an egg from either one of the ovaries.
  • Fallopian tubes: Also known as the oviducts, these tubes arise from the ovaries and end at the uterine fundus. Their function is to carry the egg once it is released into the uterus where it can fuse with the male sperm.
  • Uterus: It is a large muscular organ that is present in the pelvic cavity. The uterus is the region of action during the menstrual cycle, fertilization and the development of the fetus.
  • Cervix: Is a circular muscle ring that is present towards the lower end of the uterus that dilates at the time of delivery of the baby.
  • Vagina: Is a muscular tube-like structure that is present at the lower end of the cervix and leads towards the outside of the female body. The vagina functions as the pathway for the penis to enter the female body and deposit the sperms which then swim their way to the uterus to fertilize with the female egg.
  • Urethra: It is shorter than that found in males. In females, the urethra serves only for passage of urine.
The egg is formed under the influence of both female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. This process is known as Oogenesis.

My advise
1...  After marriage every couple dreams to have Healthy child.  For this they participate in Sex.
2...  Till to this date they don't know about their body nutrients
3..   To form healthy eggs their bodies must be filled with required nutrients.  Otherwise their child  will be defective due to absent of required nutrients.
4...  All required nutrients are available in your healthy food.  Eat well before marriage and you can have healthy child in you first attempt of Sex.

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