Your brain ...Supply lines

Your brain ...Supply lines

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Your brain ...Supply lines
Posted in 2015

our brain is nourished by one of your body's richest networks of blood vessels.
With each heartbeat, arteries carry about 20 to 25 percent of your blood to your brain, where billions of cells use about 20 percent of the oxygen and fuel your blood carries.
When you are thinking hard, your brain may use up to 50 percent of the fuel and oxygen.
The whole vessel network includes veins and capillaries in addition to arteries.

Every one on this earth will take 6 lts of Oxygen per minute.  To function all arteries it needs blood  and oxygen.  Brain consists of billion cells and needs 1200 ml of oxygen and all needed nutrients to supply to various parts.  All needed nutrients are in our blood which needs to purify daily so that pollution is eliminated from the body.  

My advise
1... Drink sufficient water
2... Eat food which will consume minimum oxygen

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