Why animals do not give birth to defective child?

Why animals do not give birth to defective child?

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Why animals do not give birth to defective child?
Posted in 2013

I have received thousands of mails asking me various questions and I answered to them. I wish to tell all the aspirant couples to give birth to HEALTHYCHILD around the GLOBE. You might not have seen that any animal have consulted any specialists or other for their INFERTILITY PROBLEMS. Our body structure is similar to animal that is the reason that Human beings are included under the subject ZOOLOGY. What ever the parts they have similar parts we have. The only difference they have 4 legs –we have two hands and two legs. The other thing is we can think what is the best - they cannot think. God before creating animals (including us) he created all trees, plants etc.. and filled all minerals ,nutrients, proteins, vitamins etc.. in food grains, vegetables, fruits, leaves etc.. the animals picked their food from it and living happily till the last breath. God has gifted us along with animals to give birth to children by taking the food from the nature, breathing air, drinking water... all animals are following nature's principle i.e Healthy Life style, Healthy food etc.. and giving birth to their child without any effort... we are not following nature's principle and we are suffering from Infertility Problems. Please follow nature's principles and have Healthy child. Please read the following explained to lot of couples

My advise
1...  Generally every animal pick their food according to their body structure irrespective of the place they born or living
2....  Have you seen any goat eating dry grass or non veg or other in any part of world?
3...   Have you seen any cow eating non veg in any part of world?
4...   Have you seen any tiger or lion eating grass or vegetables ?
5...   The answer of above is NO  ..NO...  NO.   because all they eat according to their body structure universally 
6..... We are eating very differently even if we born in the same family or country.  We are forgetting our original life style and facing many health or infertility problems. or giving birth to defective child
7..... Every animal is giving birth to Healthy child with their healthy habits.
8..... I advise every couple to follow healthy life style, healthy food etc... to have Healthy child.

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