Timings of our body 9 to 11 AM

Timings of our body 9 to 11  AM

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Timings of our body 9 to 11 AM
Posted in 2018

During this time Spleen/ Pancreas repair. When it is cleaned the digestive system fire is at peak so what ever food you eat it will digest efficiently and breakup nutrients and send to the parts require each For example: Calcium is needed to all bones our body collects calcium contents send to bones for proper maintenance. Similarly some nutrient is required for particular structure of our body... During this time you should eat the food enriched Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals etcc... but less carbohydrates which will enhance all your body needs and improve the efficiency of your pancreas to produce insulin for your body needs... When insulin production is increased you diabetes will control. Your body is designed by the God to do particular work in particular time... You should follow your body time to have good health

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