You can conceive Naturally if you follow

You can conceive Naturally if you follow

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You can conceive Naturally if you follow
Posted in July 2015
You can conceive Naturally if you follow
You might have not seen any animal taking medicines to conceive because they follow healthy habits and no animal is rushing to Infertility clinic for IVF or Surrogacy or other to have a child. God has gifted to give birth to a child by following Healthy habits. We have been included in ZOOLOGY considering us as Animal. All parts of us are similar to animal and functions are also same. The only difference is they have four legs but we have two hands and two legs...The God created us equal to him and given us Thinking Power which is not given to animal. That is the reason we are creating wonders on this Universe. Not only this we are also searching various planets to know the atmosphere there. minerals available, etc..Please note the following to conceive Naturally
1. Attain Healthy Weight::You should always maintain Healthy weight.
2. Kick out Bad Habits
3. Take proper Diet:::I clearly mentioned many times that what ever Nutrients your body needs are available in your Food...Which will protect your health and also helpful to conceive Naturally.
4. Exercise::Do proper exercise to maintain your body healthy.
5. Press your Stomach during empty stomach.
6. Reduce Tensions to relax your Mind and body
It can be done at your home. No need to wonder here and there. I wish U all to have Healthy Child. To know the contents of your food visit my blogs whose links are available in my website. Visit


  1. Here are some ways to boost your fertility with natural ways..

    Have meal which is rich in Antioxidants, Folic and Zinc which improves Fertility in Both Men And Women. Avoid High Carb Diet and Trans Fats. Include Fibre in your diet along with proteins. Physically you should be fit so yoga and exercise will help you in a better way.

    Tips By Infertility Specialist in Ludhiana


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