Heart Problems and Pregnancy....10

Heart Problems and Pregnancy....10

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From the beginning I am telling U that you that your Mind is the powerful tool to solve any Health Problem.  Let me tell U about the health problems I faced many health problems including paralysis and cured with my self confidence.
You develop your Self confidence and you can cure any problem yourself.
I faced health problems
Asthma by birth, heart problem, kidney problem and Paralysis Stroke 2 times.  Doctors told I will not be cured as stroke is serious.    Due to my self confidence I cured all.
My advise
1.  Your positive thinking helps you to develop self confidence.
2.  Don't depress your self
3.  Your Goal is to have Healthy child....Nothing can stop U if you have firm decision.
4.  Your mind is the powerful tool to achieve anything.  i.e the reason many people achieved their goal irrespective of their physical defectiveness
5.  Eat healthy food
6.  Follow healthy habits
7.  Wait to enjoy with  your 


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