OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child ..1

OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child  ..1

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Every couple dreams to have HEALTHY and BRILLIANT CHILD
It is a Good dream.  Since more than 15 years I am explaining U how to have Healthy and Brilliant child....   But I am receiving number of messages daily to know the cause of Birth defects and what steps to take to prevent such births.
I told U many times that We have been included in BIOLOGY considering us as animal because our body functions and parts are similar to ANIMAL.  I explained U the secret of Healthy child is 1..Breathing Air  2.  Drinking Water and 3. Eating Healthy food.  Every animal is following and giving birth to Healthy child.    I am very SAD to say that we are giving birth to defective children beside this  pre matured deaths or abortions or......................................
Let us discuss about the Importance of OXYGEN for Mother and Child.

1.  Pregnancy complications
This research was completed on 31 January 2014

The placenta is vital to the health of an unborn baby during pregnancy. It delivers all the oxygen and nutrients that the baby needs to survive. Problems with the placenta can seriously damage the health of both mothers and babies. They are linked to miscarriage, stillbirth, poor growth of the baby and pre-eclampsia. Researchers believe the placenta is particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in oxygen levels. They are investigating their theory, with the longer-term aim of tackling pregnancy complications and saving babies’ lives.
1...What's the problem and who does it affect?
The placenta: a vital interface between mother and baby

An unborn baby, cosseted within its mother’s womb, needs a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen. But unborn babies cannot eat or breathe. Instead they rely on the placenta to deliver everything they need from their mothers’ blood.
If the placenta isn’t working properly, there can be serious consequences for both mother and baby, including miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, stillbirth and fetal growth restriction.
Fetal growth restriction, for example, is a major problem, affecting up to eight percent of pregnancies. Babies can grow so dangerously slowly in the womb that they are at risk of death and disability. Estimates suggest over half of unexplained stillbirths are linked to fetal growth restriction
Even those babies who are born alive can be so small that they are still at risk of dying. Some develop lifelong disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. They also have an increased chance of developing heart disease, strokes and diabetes during adulthood.
Many things can cause fetal growth restriction, including genetic disorders and malnutrition, but in the UK most cases remain unexplained. A better understanding is urgently needed, so we can find ways to save babies’ lives.

My advise

1...    All most of all parts of your body require Oxygen to avoid infections or other health problems
2...    Your digestion system needs Oxygen to digest your food.
3....   Your brain, heart and kidneys need oxygen for round the clock for proper functions.
4...    During in your pregnancy your unborn child needs more oxygen for development of his Brain and all other parts which you have to supply.   For that you should minimize your body consumption by following healthy food so that you can supply needed oxygen to your child.

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