OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child ..3

OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child  ..3

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In similar way most of scientist in various countries have researched on OXYGEN and how it effects on Mother and unborn child..  I am thankful to them.
2... Low Oxygen levels may cause Birth defects
BIRTH defects ranging from spinal malformations to heart abnormalities are likely to be caused by low oxygen levels during early pregnancy and many could be preventable, say Sydney scientists who have made a breakthrough in understanding how physical anomalies develop.
Their work, which could rewrite pre-conception and antenatal health advice, shows oxygen deprivation for even a few hours can alter the function of genes governing cell division, resulting in absent or malformed body structures.
3... Some medicines effects carriage of  OXYGEN 
Travelling to high altitudes, drugs to treat epilepsy and heart conditions, low iron levels and high blood sugar could all reduce the carriage of oxygen to a developing embryo or foetus, said study leader Sally Dunwoodie, from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, and the research suggested women might need to avoid exposure to those conditions at critical points in pregnancy.
Professor Dunwoodie took a gene fault isolated from two families with newborns affected by the spinal abnormality scoliosis, which occurs in about one in 1000 births, and then genetically altered mice to carry the same mutation. When exposed to low levels of oxygen during very early pregnancy, the mice were up to 10 times as likely to have offspring with malformed tails - in a precise analogy to the human disease.
The study, published today in the journal Cell, marks the first time an interaction between a gene variation and an environmental trigger has been directly observed to cause disease - even though scientists suspect this is the mechanism behind a wide range of disorders that appear to occur randomly.
The same molecular processes governed heart as well as spinal development, Professor Dunwoodie said, meaning congenital heart defects - which occur in one in 100 live births - might also be linked to inadequate oxygen.
''I would argue all women need to be mindful of the fact that many environmental factors we don't normally consider dangerous will interact with a genetic predisposition,'' she said. ''Yes, this is a basic research finding but we do feel there are strong implications for pregnant women.''
My advise

1...    All most of all parts of your body require Oxygen to avoid infections or other health problems
2...    Your digestion system needs Oxygen to digest your food.
3....   Your brain, heart and kidneys need oxygen for round the clock for proper functions.
4...    During in your pregnancy your unborn child needs more oxygen for development of his Brain and all other parts which you have to supply.   For that you should minimize your body consumption by following healthy food so that you can supply needed oxygen to your child.

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