OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child ..10

OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child  ..10

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16...  I wish U to be Safe along with Child.
Since last 15 years I am telling U to have Healthy child you require

You might be surprised that no medical experts or doctor told this.
I have seen many defective children and my aim is that Every couple should enjoy with Healthy child.  I researched on it and found the causes.  One of main cause of Defective birth is OXYGEN.
I told U that every one on this EARTH will take 6 Ltrs Oxygen per minute.   It is the capacity of your body.  As a pregnant you cannot take more Oxygen but you have adjust it for your body and unborn child's requirement.  Your unborn child's requirements of Oxygen will be increased day by day.
According to that you share Oxygen otherwise he will be defective.
2... Water
I created various articles and blogs with scientific analysis about Water.  But most of the people didn't follow and asking the causes of their defective child births.  Water is another Important Nutrient to your unborn child.   You should drink sufficient water to fulfill your body requirements as well as your child's requirements.
3...  Healthy food
Your food must fulfill your body & your unborn child's  requirements of all Nutrients.  You should take Healthy food which will consume less oxygen for your digestion and remaining will be shared for your child.
Every one in this universe will take Oxygen 6000 ml per minute.  As a pregnant you cannot take more Oxygen but you have adjust.
When you eat spicy or oily food or heavy food the amount of oxygen you take will be used to digest your food and your body in such case your child will not receive Oxygen needed.  Take care of your food.
Follow the above to enjoy with

My advise

1...    All most of all parts of your body require Oxygen to avoid infections or other health problems
2...    Your digestion system needs Oxygen to digest your food.
3....   Your brain, heart and kidneys need oxygen for round the clock for proper functions.
4...    During in your pregnancy your unborn child needs more oxygen for development of his Brain and all other parts which you have to supply.   For that you should minimize your body consumption by following healthy food so that you can supply needed oxygen to your child.

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