OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child ..5

OXYGEN is important for U and Ur unborn child  ..5

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5... Breathlessness During Pregnancy

As the tiny individual inside you grows, your body's organs are going to find the neighborhood increasingly more crowded. Your lungs and diaphragm will need to make room for this new resident, and as a result, you may feel a little out of breath -- usually starting in your second trimester. This breathless feeling will increase until your baby drops lower into your pelvis a few weeks before birth. Some women naturally carry their babies low in the first place and may not experience this breathlessness.

Pregnancy hormones can play a role, too, causing an increased blood volume in your body to help nourish your baby. The increase in blood flow can make your nasal passages more congested, leaving you with a stuffy nose.
6... How can I be sure that my baby is getting enough Oxygen?
Once again, special pregnancy hormones are on the job. They help your lungs work more efficiently so they can pump greater volumes of air in and out, and prompt you to take deeper breaths. As a result, you may feel winded without really exerting yourself. This is normal, so don't be alarmed. It's just your body doing its job of keeping you and your baby well supplied with oxygen.
7... Special cautions for moms-to-be with asthma
If you have asthma, go over emergency procedures with your doctor early in your pregnancy. Your doctor will help you determine what asthma medications you should take and when you should take them. Being prepared ahead of time will let you take care of asthma flare-ups quickly so that both you and your baby will get the oxygen you need. Flare-ups may be more common in the third trimester when the baby is putting the most pressure on your lungs, so be sure to have your action plan down.
Even if you have asthma, you may not find breathlessness a problem during pregnancy. According to the Canadian Lung Association, about one third of women who have asthma find that their symptoms actually improve when they're pregnant. Hopefully, you'll be one of those lucky ones, but you should still be prepared to deal with a flare-up.
Finally, all women who are going to be pregnant during the flu season, including women with asthma, should get a flu shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the nasal spray flu vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women.


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