Birth defects....Mental Retardation

Birth defects....Mental Retardation 

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1.  Causes of Mental Retardation
Mental retardation is caused by many factors; many of these are known, but others remain unidentified (The Arc, 2005). The link between the identification of specific causes of mental retardation and the development and implementation of preventive measures is clear. When a cause is identified, ways to prevent the debilitating effects of cognitive disabilities have often followed soon after. But it takes action for solutions actually to prevent or reduce the impact of the condition.
According to my research
1.   if couple mind is disturbed at the time of Sex
2..  If couple imagining or think about mentally retarded at the time Sex
3.   If the Oxygen is insufficient to the unborn child  In first three months of pregnancy .  Mother's  food consumes oxygen to digest mother's food and remaining oxygen is sent to develop all cells of unborn child.
I told  U many times that everyone of this universe will take 6 Lts of Oxygen per minute.  Your body require 120 ml per breath to protect your brain, heart and kidney.   Oxygen to the unborn child is depend on Mother's food.
2.  Scientific causes

According to The Arc, a parent organization advocating for individuals with mental retardation, several hundred causes of mental retardation have been discovered, but for about one-third of those affected the cause is unknown (The Arc, 2005). Of those known causes, three conditions—explained later in this section—are the most common reasons for mental retardation:
  1. Down syndrome
  2. Fragile X syndrome
  3. Fetal alcohol syndrome
Many different systems for organizing the causes of mental retardation can be applied. Sometimes they are divided into four groups: socioeconomic and environmental factors, injuries, infections and toxins, and biological causes. AAMR divide them instead into three groups by time of onset—that is, by when the event or cause first occurred (AAMR, 2002):
  1. Prenatal: causes that occur before birth
  2. Perinatal: causes that occur during the birth process
  3. Postnatal: causes that happen after birth or during childhood


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