Mother's feelings on unborn child...2

Mother's feelings on unborn child...2

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2.....Depression during Pregnancy
Depression during pregnancy has been linked with a number of complications for children once they're born. However, it may not be depression itself, but rather a change in a mother's mental state that is harmful to the baby, new research suggests.
The findings show babies did best on tests of mental and motor abilities if their mother's mood remained consistent before and after she gave birth, even if the mother's mood was depressive. But if a mother's mood changed — from either depressed to healthy, or from healthy to depressed — babies did less well.
The results suggest infants' brains may somehow detect their mother's psychological state while in the womb, and this affects their development as their bodies prepare for life after birth, the researchers said.
If an infant in the womb is exposed to a challenging environment, such as his mother's depression, he may be better able to respond to challenges later on. But if an infant is born into an environment he has not confronted, he may not react as well, the researchers said....It is clear that mother's depression has great impact on unborn child's Brain....I advise every couple to be happy so that the unborn child's brain is not disturbed.....

3......Depression during pregnancy 2
Parental Depression: Long-term Impact on Children
Children of depressed parents show significant reductions in academic performance at the age of 16 years, adding to various other known adverse effects of parental depression on offspring, new research shows.
"Our results suggest that diagnoses of parental depression may have a far-reaching effect on an important aspect of child development, with implications for future life course outcomes," the authors write.
It is clear that the parental depression has long term impact on children...These children are not shown interact with any body or any subject or any sports and simply sitting isolated. They are not successful in their life...So the parents are advised to be happy before and after pregnancy.....

My advise 
1...  Every couple before conceiving should develop positive thinking
2...  Every couple if they  require a healthy child should dream about their would be child as Healthy and brilliant.
3...  They should follow healthy habits, healthy food etc... till delivery
4...  Drink sufficient water 
5..   Wait for healthy child

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