Mother's feelings on unborn child...5

Mother's feelings on unborn child...5

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8.....Creating child's Personality
On some level, what the pregnant mother feels emotionally is transferred directly to her unborn child. Because of this, constant negative emotions can have a damaging affect on the fetus.
The fetus absorbs negative emotions like anger, stress or frustration. Feelings most adults experience throughout their stressful days. However, the most harm is done when a mother doesn’t want the child. These and other negative emotions shape the baby’s personality.
Then there’s the father…
Throughout the pregnancy, the fetus is also affected by the father’s feelings toward the mother and their child. That’s because the fetus can absorb its parents’ emotional energy. This energy helps create how the child will see itself in its life ahead. For example, it will feel happy or sad, be aggressive or meek, secure or insecure.
And some studies show parents begin affecting their child’s personality soon after conception.
Every couple think that the personality will be developed of their child after birth with training... it is not correct. The child's brain will be started before birth and child shows interest in the subject what is in his brain. It parents encourage the child then the child will reach to the highest position with learning the subject after birth.
I advise every parents to encourage your child..

9.... Parent’s Thoughts Shape Their Unborn Child’s Life
We often hear the first 3 years of a child’s life are the most important. So for the first 3 years with our children, we play the right games, buy the right toys and read the right books.
But recent studies prove that 6 months into a pregnancy, the fetus is already aware, reacting and emotionally active. At 6 months, the unborn child can see, hear, experience, taste, feel and even learn.
So a child’s physical and emotional health is being shaped before it’s even born. And part of that shaping is determined by how the parents – especially the mother – feel about life and each other.
So the important is Parents interaction with the child before and after birth to develop the child...

My advise 
1...  Every couple before conceiving should develop positive thinking
2...  Every couple if they  require a healthy child should dream about their would be child as Healthy and brilliant.
3...  They should follow healthy habits, healthy food etc... till delivery
4...  Drink sufficient water 
5..   Wait for healthy child

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