Mother's feelings on unborn child...6

Mother's feelings on unborn child...6

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10...What messages do you send your baby?
Research shows soon after conception, a level of consciousness exists in the embryo. As the fetus develops, its subconscious stores information to prepare it for its mother’s environment. But, the father’s role in relation to the mother is also important.
By the sixth month, the fetus can hear and move in rhythm to its mother’s voice. Imagine the different influence this has if the mother is happily singing or yelling in anger.
It’s no surprise that sonograms taken while parents yell at each other show the baby’s entire body flinching in agitation. Imagine the damage caused by months of feeding this negative energy to a fetus. Frightening, isn’t it? In fact, studies show a bad relationship between parents increases the child’s risk of psychological and physical damage by a startling 200% or more!
So the parents should pass only positive messages to their unborn child..During pregnancy the couple should not use abusive words, they should behave with good culture, personality which will learn the unborn child...

11...How your subconscious thoughts affect your fetus
Another powerful way parents affect their fetus is through their beliefs. I’ll explain.
Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. These beliefs come from a lifetime of experiences and interactions with other people. Most of these beliefs are subconscious. And they quietly “program” your mind to react to your world. If these beliefs are negative, it programs our minds to be self-defeating. We see it everyday in people who say, “I can’t___”, “I’m not good enough to ___, “I have am so unlucky ___” and so on.
As expectant parents, the negative programming usually comes out in fear:
…“Am I going to make the same mistakes my parents made?”
…“Will my baby be healthy and deliver naturally?”
…“Can I adequately provide for my child?”
Single mothers often have additional negative emotions like:
…“Will I be enough not having a father around?”
…“Can I really raise my child alone?”
During the pregnancy, parents who dwell on negative thoughts send these feelings to the fetus. In turn, this programs fear into the child before it even enters the world.
It is extremely important for both mother and father to understand their emotions and deal with them in an effective manner. Continued stress for the mother takes its toll on her unborn child. Whether the mother’s thoughts and emotions are positive and reinforcing or negative and rejecting they are helping to define and shape the child’s character.
I am telling U from the beginning that your mind is the cause of defective births..Even if you do not express it during pregnancy but it exists in your subconscious thoughts it may effect on your unborn child...That is the reason I guide every one not to conceive until you prepare your bodies and mind to give birth to Healthy child....So I advise U to prepare your body and mind healthy to give birth to Healthy child...

My advise 
1...  Every couple before conceiving should develop positive thinking
2...  Every couple if they  require a healthy child should dream about their would be child as Healthy and brilliant.
3...  They should follow healthy habits, healthy food etc... till delivery
4...  Drink sufficient water 
5..   Wait for healthy child

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