Mother's feelings on unborn child...3

Mother's feelings on unborn child...3

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4.....Depression during Pregnancy 3
Research by scientists::Children are more likely to develop behavioral or emotional problems if their mothers are chronically depressed, even if symptoms aren't severe, a French study finds.
While previous research has linked clinical depression in mothers to mood disorders and other health problems in their children, the current study is among the first to make this connection even when mothers have milder symptoms that might not be diagnosed or treated by clinicians, said lead author Judith van der Waerden.
"There is a large group of mothers with depressive symptoms that are not severe enough to lead to a diagnosis, and who probably do not even seek help from their health care providers, but that do have a negative impact on their children's emotional and behavioral wellbeing," van der Waerden, a researcher at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris, said 

5.....Depression during Pregnancy 4
Research by Scientists:::Van der Waerden and colleagues followed more than 1,100 mother-child pairs in France from pregnancy through the children's fifth birthdays, periodically assessing maternal mental health as well as emotional and behavioral development of the kids.
Researchers questioned the children at age 5 to assess emotional symptoms, conduct problems, signs of hyperactivity or inattention, problems with peer relationships and social behavior
In addition, researchers gave mothers questionnaires to measure depression symptoms during pregnancy and the first year of parenthood, as well as when the children were three and five years old.
Sixty-two percent of the mothers experienced no signs of depression during the study period and 4.6 percent had chronic, severe depression. About one in four had persistent moderate depression symptoms.
For some women, severe depression happened for a shorter period of time, with 3.6 percent of mothers experiencing this only during pregnancy and 4.6 percent only when children were preschoolers..

My advise 
1...  Every couple before conceiving should develop positive thinking
2...  Every couple if they  require a healthy child should dream about their would be child as Healthy and brilliant.
3...  They should follow healthy habits, healthy food etc... till delivery
4...  Drink sufficient water 
5..   Wait for healthy child

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