Mother's feelings on unborn child...7

Mother's feelings on unborn child...7

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12...Supporting your desire for a healthy and brilliant child
No matter what the situation, any parent can give their child a strong, healthy start. It begins with their choices made during the pregnancy.
The physical and emotional health of a fetus is shaped by the parents’ environment and their emotional well-being. That’s why it’s vital to feed loving, positive energy to the fetus throughout the pregnancy. Doing so helps ensure a happy, healthy, confident child.
I explained everything which will be helpful to you to have Healthy and Brilliant child...Most of the people will think that their child will learn after birth but the child's brain will start function and learning before birth. After birth the child will learn how his previous knowledge is improved...You can have a Brilliant child if you adopt positive thinking before conception...Every thing is in your hands for this you need not run here and there...

13...Shape your child to be Well mannered and with good profession
I clearly explained how parents feelings effect on the Child.  Every couple can give birth to Healthy and Brilliant child.  You might have seen great people in this universe.  You can have a child with great qualities.  It is in your hands.
I wish every couple should have well mannered and with good profession.  If you follow healthy habits your child be healthy.  I wish it..

My advise 
1...  Every couple before conceiving should develop positive thinking
2...  Every couple if they  require a healthy child should dream about their would be child as Healthy and brilliant.
3...  They should follow healthy habits, healthy food etc... till delivery
4...  Drink sufficient water 
5..   Wait for healthy child

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