Impotence ... Psychological effect 2

Impotence ... Psychological effect 2

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Impotence ... Psychological effect 2
Posted in 2014

Ability to bear a child is often associated with being a “complete woman” and male with infertility issues may perceive himself as “less manly”.  Men and women with fertility issues experience a sense of loss of identity and experience intense feelings of defectiveness and incompetence. Women trying to conceive often have clinical depression rates similar to women who have heart disease or cancer.
Partners may become more anxious to conceive leading to increasing sexual dysfunction and social isolation. A blame game kind of a situation emerges amongst the couple once they realise its taking to long to conceive. This may lead to more confrontations and more stressful moments with each other rather than a constructive way to look at the problem at hand. Inferiority complex and guilt may set in the partner who get diagnosed with infertility issues and this may lead to their withdrawing themselves from the other aspects of their relationship.
 Once a diagnosis is made regarding the infertility cause, marital discord often develops in infertile couples, especially when they are under pressure to make medical decisions. Fertility treatments are often expensive, time consuming and a lot of stigma is also associated with seeking fertility treatments, especially if it’s with the male partner.  
Therefore the psychological impact of infertility can be devastating to the infertile person and to their partner. Also, no fertility treatment guarantees 100% assurance that a couple will conceive after that so it becomes a very anxiety arousing moment for the couple to go ahead with the decision to try such a treatment. This may lead to frequent arguments or conflicts between the couple thus affecting their relationship negatively.

My advise
1....  The person who has inferiority complex or who himself degrade or other will face impotence due to psychological effect.
2...   You develop your mindset that you are not less than any body.
3...   It will improve your self confidence and you will be no longer impotent.

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