Know about Ectopic(Tubal) Pregnancy 3

Know about Ectopic(Tubal) Pregnancy 3

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Know about Ectopic(Tubal) Pregnancy 3
Posted in 2014

The exact reason for an ectopic pregnancy can be unclear on a case to case basis but it can be credited to anything that causes stress or an imbalance to your uterus, such as surgery or pelvic inflammatory diseases. One common reason is a damaged fallopian tube that can prevent the transportation of a fertilised egg to the uterus and cause it to get implanted in the fallopian tube itself.

Risk factors
There are few risks factors that can lead to an ectopic pregnancy:
  • Age: All observed cases of ectopic pregnancies were found to be within the age of 35-44
  • If your previous pregnancy was ectopic, then there is a good chance that your next one could be the same. This is because an ectopic pregnancy can cause tissue damage
  • In case you’ve had a pelvic or abdominal surgery, you could have an ectopic pregnancy as a surgery poses the risk of damage to the fallopian tubes and may lead to an ectopic pregnancy
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases are a common risk factor as they cause scar tissues to develop on the fallopian tubes
  • Previously induced abortions can also increase risk as they may have injured the internal organs
  • If you happen to conceive while an IUD is in place, you can have an ectopic pregnancy
  • Similarly, a previous tubal ligation can sometimes disrupt conception by altering the fallopian tube
  • Smoking it is believed, affects the ability of the fallopian tubes to function normally, and transport the fertilized egg to the uterus, thus causing an ectopic pregnancy
  • If you are undergoing fertility treatment or medication, you have an increased risk. During treatment, the opening of the fallopian tubes is enlarged to make it simpler for the embryos to be transported. This dilation may become counterproductive and may lead to an ectopic pregnancy
  • Endometriosis, a condition when the endometrial tissue grows in places other than inside the uterus can also cause an ectopic pregnancy

My advise
1....   Every couples asks me how to conceive but no one asked me how to have safe pregnancy, safe delivery  and healthy child.  When ever they face any problems they are asking why it happened.  It clearly indicates they have not followed healthy life style, positive thinking, healthy food etc..
2...   When you want to give birth to a healthy child you should take necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy complications, delivery problems and birth defects.
3...   I am explaining various conceiving problems, pregnancy problems and how to avoid birth defects with you positive thinking, healthy life style, healthy food .................................
4..... I advise every couple to not to just think to conceive but how to think how to have safe pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy child.
5....  I wish to have a healthy child without any complications or problems

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