Impotence ... Psychological effect 1

Impotence ... Psychological effect 1

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Impotence ... Psychological effect 1
Posted in 2014

Inferiority Complex

An inferiority complex is the conscious or unconscious feeling that one is not as good as others. Along with concepts such as traits, the unconscious, and self-actualization, in psychology the concept of inferiority complex is used to explain personality. First developed by Alfred Adler in the 1920s, the concept played an important role in Adler's theory of individual psychology. All people, Adler proposed, seek feelings of achievement and superiority. However, as children, people feel inferior to adults, who are stronger and provide security. People with a primary inferiority complex never overcome these childhood feelings of inferiority, which are persistent and excessive. A secondary inferiority complex results from an adult's feeling that it is impossible to be successful.

I advise every one to not degrade or under estimate yourself comparing with others..  I believe every one has talent in a  particular field which other don't have.. .
Don't compare yourself with others because you have some special talent.... Recognize your inner talent and move forward.
My advise
1....  The person who has inferiority complex or who himself degrade or other will face impotence due to psychological effect.
2...   You develop your mindset that you are not less than any body.
3...   It will improve your self confidence and you will be no longer impotent.

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