Impotence ... Psychological effect 4

Impotence ... Psychological effect 4

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Impotence ... Psychological effect 4
Posted in 2014

Tips to cope with Marital Discord and enjoy the Family you have:
1)      The communication block that couples experience is extremely common for couples that experience infertility. Anger, guilt and sometimes just the stress of thinking about the issue at hand may act as a road block. When you can't talk about the infertility, you tend to make assumptions about the intentions of your partners silence or actions and if this judgement is wrong it can actually drive you two apart. So the key is express your emotions even if they are negative in a more acceptable manner as silence can always be misunderstood.
For example, Write down three to four ways that the infertility has impacted you and pick a set time each week to talk about what you both have written.

2)      Join groups or forums where other couples with infertility issues discuss their feelings and hardships and how the overcame it. This will make you both feel a part of larger similar group and “why me” or “why us” feelings can be taken care of.
3)      Get the Spark back in your sexual life : Sex often becomes like a job for couples experiencing infertility issues which may actually inhibit the either of the partner from initiating sex for pleasure or love. To get back to the love, start afresh. Initiate a new courtship phase where you begin from more physical demonstration of love like cuddles and hugs and holding hands with your partner without leading it to the bed. Allow for spontaneity in expression of emotions , sex and other activities that you could do together to simply enjoy each other s company
4)      Moving forward: One partner may want to adopt while the other one may be of without any child and accept the situation as it is. This often leads to serious conflicts amongst couples. Again, resort to writing what each one wants and why and pros and cons of one’s decision and share this at a decided time with each other. This will help you know what your partner wants and how doable it is.
5)      Seek Professional guidance to work on your relationship and enjoy the relationship you have in your life even as you come to terms with the infertility issues either of you have. 
Once you follow above and you will enjoy with your life partner...  It will help you to become parent

My advise
1....  The person who has inferiority complex or who himself degrade or other will face impotence due to psychological effect.
2...   You develop your mindset that you are not less than any body.
3...   It will improve your self confidence and you will be no longer impotent.

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