Know about recurrent miscarriages 6

Know about recurrent miscarriages 6

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Know about recurrent miscarriages 6
Posted in 2013

Infections. It is believed to be unusual for an infection to cause a miscarriage and it is extremely unlikely that infections cause multiple pregnancy losses. Some suspected but unproven infectious causes of pregnancy loss include the bacteria mycoplasma, ureaplasma and Chlamydia. Screening is done through cultures and we are typically able to eliminate those problems during the evaluation.
Hormonal Disorders. Diseases affecting the endocrine system, especially those that are relatively mild, do not appear to increase the risk of miscarriage. However, certain disorders, including uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid disease are known to increase a woman’s risk of miscarriage. In addition, women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are at increased risk for sporadic loss, but the condition has no proven association with recurrent pregnancy loss. Based on an individual’s health history, we may recommend an evaluation for an endocrine disorder. In many cases these conditions can easily be managed with medication and should be corrected prior to further attempts at conception.
Clotting Disorders. Thrombophilias, the tendency to form blood clots, appear to be associated with a variety of problems in pregnancy, although studies are inconclusive. Research suggests a link between thrombophilias and pregnancy-related problems in the second and third trimester. These include fetal growth problems, fetal death, pregnancy-induced hypertension and placental separation. However, the association between thrombophilias and first trimester loss is controversial. Testing for thrombophilias is based on an individual’s health history. Most cases of thrombophilias can be treated with low dose aspirin and other anti-clotting medications.

My advise
1...  It is painful to the couple of repeated or recurrent miscarriages..  If uterus is abnormal shape by birth I advise them to follow IVF with necessary precautions.  Generally it is rare case.
2...  I advise every couple to think and take necessary steps to avoid recurrent miscarriages
3...  Fibroid problems, hormone problems etc.. can be cured with healthy life style
4...  For blood clotting problem can be cured with  drinking water
5...  To develop immune system you should follow healthy food
6...  The environment should be clean..If she is a smoker she should avoid smoking.   If any other is smoker near to her She should be away from smoking, 
7...   If she follows healthy life style, healthy food.....  no infection is harmful to her.
8 ..  When you decided to give birth to a healthy child follow healthy life style, positive thinking to have safe pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy child.  It will avoid recurrent miscarriages.


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    1. I wish every couple should have Healthy child.. I am explaining various causes to avoid defective births, pregnancy complications, delivery complications etc...
      Our body is natural and acts naturally. No medical specialist cannot do any thing if some unfortunate thing like miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, defective births etc.. happens. My method is to avoid all above including criminal births with couples precautions like healthy life style, healthy food etc... The couples will not get side effects, reactions etc..
      All the best


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