Know about Ectopic(Tubal) Pregnancy 2

Know about Ectopic(Tubal) Pregnancy 2

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Know about Ectopic(Tubal) Pregnancy 2
Posted in 2014

As explained earlier, a normal pregnancy happens when the sperm swims up to the fallopian tube for fertilisation, and the fertilised egg is implanted in the inner lining of the uterus. However, if the fallopian tube is damaged or too narrow, it can cause the egg to implant in a different location. The implantation can happen just outside the fallopian tubes, abdominal space, ovary, or even the cervix. In such a case, the egg does not mature as it should, and the baby does not develop.

According to a study in the UK, 1 in every 85 pregnancies is an ectopic pregnancy. This roughly adds up to 12000 ectopic pregnancies in a year.
Another study shows that only 50% of the affected women displayed all the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy hence making it extra difficult to identify it.
My advise
1....   Every couples asks me how to conceive but no one asked me how to have safe pregnancy, safe delivery  and healthy child.  When ever they face any problems they are asking why it happened.  It clearly indicates they have not followed healthy life style, positive thinking, healthy food etc..
2...   When you want to give birth to a healthy child you should take necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy complications, delivery problems and birth defects.
3...   I am explaining various conceiving problems, pregnancy problems and how to avoid birth defects with you positive thinking, healthy life style, healthy food .................................
4..... I advise every couple to not to just think to conceive but how to think how to have safe pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy child.
5....  I wish to have a healthy child without any complications or problems

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