Causes of Iron deficiency anemia

Causes of Iron deficiency anemia

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Causes of Iron deficiency anemia
Posted in 2012

According to the ASH, iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia. There are many reasons why a person might become deficient in iron. These include:

Inadequate iron intake

Eating too little iron over an extended amount of time can cause a shortage in your body. Foods such as meat, eggs, and some green leafy vegetables are high in iron. Because iron is essential during times of rapid growth and development, pregnant women and young children may need even more iron rich foods in their diet.

Pregnancy or blood loss due to menstruation

Heavy menstrual bleeding and blood loss during childbirth are the most common causes of iron deficiency anemia in women of childbearing age.

Internal bleeding

Certain medical conditions can cause internal bleeding, which can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Examples include an ulcer in your stomach, polyps in the colon or intestines, or colon cancer. Regular use of pain relievers, such as aspirin, can also cause bleeding in the stomach.

Inability to absorb iron

Certain disorders or surgeries that affect the intestines can also interfere with how your body absorbs iron. Even if you get enough iron in your diet, celiac disease  or intestinal surgery such as gastric bypass may limit the amount of iron your body can absorb.


If a woman has endometriosis  she may have heavy blood loss that she can not see because it is hidden in the abdominal or pelvic area.

My advise
1... Iron deficiency may cause several health problems to normal persons.
2... If you wants to conceive it may give problems... Even if you conceived that your child may be week.
3... Iron is available in your healthy food viz.. Vegetables, fruits and other.  Eat them and give birth to healthy child.

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