Causes of Congenital heart disease

Causes of Congenital heart disease

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Causes of Congenital heart disease
Posted in 2014

Congenital heart disease occurs as a result of an early developmental problem in the heart’s structure. The defect typically interferes with the normal flow of blood through the heart, which may affect breathing. Although researchers aren’t exactly sure why the heart fails to develop correctly, suspected causes include the following:
  • The heart defect may run in families.
  • Taking certain prescription drugs during pregnancy puts a child at a higher risk for a heart defect.
  • Using alcohol or illegal drugs during pregnancy can increase a child’s risk of having a heart defect.
  • Mothers who had a viral infection during the first trimester of pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a child with a heart defect.
  • Increased blood sugar levels, such as occurs with diabetes, may affect childhood development.
When couple wants to give birth to a healthy child they should follow healthy habits, healthy life style and healthy food before and till delivery.

My advise
1....  Every one on this earth takes 6 liters of Oxygen per minute
2...   When a conceived woman should consume minimum oxygen for her body needs so that her child body needs more oxygen to open all heart cells, brain cells etc...
3...   Consumption of oxygen of mother is depend upon  food...So mother during her pregnancy should avoid heavy, oily, non Vegetarian etc.. food
4...  If the child receives sufficient oxygen all his heart cells will be opened before birth.
5..   Mother should practice long breathing before conceiving and continue till delivery..She must follow healthy food before conceiving n continue till delivery if any of her family members suffering from breathing problem

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