Nutrients you require daily

Nutrients you require daily

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Nutrients required daily
Posted in June 2014
Nutrients Required Daily
Nutrients required will depend on the age, gender etc which will produce the energy as under
Here’s what the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends kids get calorie-wise and from each food group for a healthy, balanced diet:
2-3 years: 1,000
4-8: 1,200-1,400
9-13 (female): 1,600
9-13 (male): 1,800
14-18 (female): 1,800
14-18 (male): 2,200
* For active children, calorie requirements may be greater
I have given clearly about Vegetables,fruits,nuts etc which will give us vitamins, iron, minerals etc . If you take balanced food you will be healthy.
Pregnant woman required more according to the day of their pregnancy as per your child requirements. You can get all required nutrients from your food which is Safe and no side effects if you take as much as you like. 

My advise
1...  Most of us facing various health problems due to deficiency of nutrients.  Every one should take according to their age, gender, work etc...
2.... Take nutrients daily as said above
3...   Required nutrients are available in your food

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