You can have Healthy child

You can have Healthy child

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You can have Healthy child
Posted in 2012

Every couple wish to have healthy child but I am very sorry to say some couple gave birth to defective child and became sad by seeing the child..I researched on it and found the cause of their birth. Please note the below to have Healthy child
1. Every couple bodies should be filled with all nutrients it any one is lacking it will be appeared in child's body due to which the child is abnormal.
2. What ever the nutrients required to you are filled in Vegetables, Fruits, pulses etc..Take as much as you like but your body emits which nutrients are more to keep you Healthy.
3. Our body require limited nutrients daily...We must supply the required nutrients with our Food.
4. We must follow Healthy life style to emit unwanted things daily. Our body emits it wit exhale, Urine and Stool to keep us Healthy.
5. Our body require Air, water and nutritious food daily..If any is lacking it will be cause of defective birth..
I advise all to take Healthy food and give birth to Healthy child..

My advise
1..  Drink Sufficient water
2... Eat healthy food.
3... Sound sleep
4... Be happy

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