Signs indicate conjoined twins

Signs indicate conjoined twins

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Signs indicate conjoined twins
Posted in 2016
No there are no specific signs or symptoms that may indicate that you are carrying conjoined twins. However, you may experience the following symptoms, just like any other twin pregnancy:
Your uterus may grow at a faster pace or in other words; it grows more than a normal pregnancy.
You may feel more nauseous and fatigued or such symptoms are more pronounced.
You may find your feet more swollen in comparison to the woman who is carrying a single baby.
However, your pregnancy ultrasound will help you know if you are carrying conjoined twins. Your doctor may further guide you to undergo more tests to confirm if you are carrying conjoined twins.
See the conjoined births in India.... I feel very pity by seeing the picture. The children as well as of their parents are not happy
My advice
1... Develop positive thinking before conceiving and continue till delivery
2.. I wish U to enjoy with Healthy child
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