Health conditions for miscarriage

Health conditions for miscarriage

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Health conditions for miscarriage
Posted in 2014
External health conditions, lifestyle habits, and underlying conditions may also interfere with the fetus’ development, especially in the second trimester. Exercise and sexual intercourse do not cause miscarriages. Working won’t affect the fetus either unless you’re exposed to harmful chemicals or radiation.
Conditions that can interfere with a fetus’ development include:
  • poor diet, or malnutrition
  • drug and alcohol use
  • advanced maternal age
  • untreated thyroid disease
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • infections
  • trauma
  • obesity
  • problems with the cervix
  • abnormally shaped womb
  • severe high blood pressure
  • food poisoning
  • certain medications.
Always check with your doctor before taking any medications to be sure a drug is safe to use during pregnancy.
My advise
1...  Miscarriages happened due to unhealthy life style or advanced age of woman
2...  Give birth to a child at your young age.
3...  Follow healthy habits to avoid miscarriages
4.... Develop and practice positive thinking

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