How animals cures its infections?

How animals cures its infections?

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How animals cures its infections
Posted in 2012

We knew about Infection caused by Bacteriaand viruses.
Infection 2...How animals deals with Infections: 

Behavioural defences in animals against pathogens and parasites: parallels with the pillars of medicine in humans

No other theme in animal biology seems to be more central than the concept of employing strategies to survive and successfully reproduce. In nature, controlling or avoiding pathogens and parasites is an essential fitness strategy because of the ever-present disease-causing organisms. The disease-control strategies discussed here are: physical avoidance and removal of pathogens and parasites; quarantine or peripheralization of conspecifics that could be carrying potential pathogens; herbal medicine, animal style, to prevent or treat an infection; potentiation of the immune system; and care of sick or injured group members. These strategies are seen as also encompassing the pillars of human medicine: (i) quarantine; (ii) immune-boosting vaccinations; (iii) use of medicinal products; and (iv) caring or nursing. In contrast to animals, in humans, the disease-control strategies have been consolidated into a consistent and extensive medical system. A hypothesis that explains some of this difference between animals and humans is that humans are sick more often than animals. This increase in sickness in humans leading to an extensive, cognitively driven medical system is attributed to an evolutionary dietary transition from mostly natural vegetation to a meat-based diet, with an increase in health-eroding free radicals and a dietary reduction of free-radical-scavenging antioxidants.
Additional Factors 1. Other variables that may cause infertility in women: Behavioral Now l3) Environmental and Occupational Factors: Every woman is 100% fertile by birth .If you are crossing the age of 35...We will know further
Individuals vs. Populations
Every individual and couple is unique and could be more fertile or less fertile as compared to the average for their age. Some 30 year olds already have significant egg quality and/or quantity issues and some 43 year olds are still fertile.
There are also no guarantees that an individual woman will have a smooth drop in her fertility potential as she ages. Although rare, it is possible to have a rapid decline in egg quantity and quality as early as the teens or twenties.
I have seen many woman who have given birth to Healthy child even after 50 years because from their childhood they followed healthy habits..Now I am seeing the woman at the age 25 years is suffering from Infertility because of her unhealthy habits..So I advise every woman to follow healthy habits and free from Infertility....

My advise
1...   God created  all animals.. Scientists included us in Zoology as we have similar parts and functioning is also similar
2....  As per my observation on animals they will not take medicines.  They follow healthy habits according to their body structure and lives according to their body structure
3...   I applied same principle on me by following healthy habits and wondered the curing of all my health problems..  I decided to explain to all to protect their health problems
4....  Any health problem or infertility problem is caused due to unhealthy habits, unhealthy food
5....  Follow healthy habits to have Good health and conceive

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