Health --- Biochemical effects of Yoga

Health --- Biochemical effects of Yoga

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Health --- Biochemical effects of Yoga
Posted in 2017
Biochemical Effects
The biochemical profile improves, indicating an antistress and antioxidant effect, important in the prevention of degenerative diseases.
• Glucose decreases
• Sodium decreases
• Total cholesterol decreases
• Triglycerides decrease
• HDL cholesterol increases
• LDL cholesterol decreases
• VLDL cholesterol decreases
• Cholinesterase increases
• Catecholamines decrease
• ATPase increases
• Hematocrit increases
• Hemoglobin increases
• Lymphocyte count increases
• Total white blood cell count decreases
• Thyroxin increases
• Vitamin C increases
• Total serum protein increases
• Oxytocin increases
• Prolactin increases
• Oxygen levels in the brain increase
My advise
1.... Glucose decreases means lowering your Sugar Diabetes
2... Sodium decreases means lowering your blood pressure
3... LDL cholesterol means lowering risk of Heart attacks, strokes etc...
4... Oxygen levels increase will develop memory, thinking power, decision making etc..
5... Hemoglobin increase will avoid disease like lack of blood etc.. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells.
6... Vitamin C increase will avoid inflectional diseases 
I explained important of all ... So practice yoga
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