We want healthy and brilliant child

We want healthy and brilliant child

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We want healthy and brilliant child
Posted in 2013

Every couple wish to have Healthy and Brilliant child. But they don't know how to fulfill their desire. It is very simple.
Planning for Healthy and Brilliant child
1.. You should develop positive thinking.
2.. Dream for a Healthy and Brilliant child.
1... Your child brain cells need more than 60% of water from beginning of pregnancy.
2... Your child body needs water to transport various nutrients to needed parts. Water will travels with blood of your child's body and supply nutrients to all parts.
3.. It also cleans blood and if any unwanted in blood will be send to kidneys to send out in the form of urine. Thus your child's body cleaned every day to keep healthy.
4... So drink water as needed
1... Every one on this earth will take 6 liters of Oxygen per minuter
2.... The pregnant woman also also takes 6 liters/mnt. Ur unborn child needs more Oxygen to open all cells of his brain and body.
3... The mother has to supply as child needs. So mother should control oxygen needs for her body so that remaining will be sent to her unborn child.
4.. If your child receives sufficient Oxygen all his brain cells and body cells will open and function well...it means Healthy and Brilliant child
Healthy food
1... The couple when they want Healthy and Brilliant child should take Healthy food to develop their Healthy Sperm and Healthy eggs
2.. The food must contain all needed Nutrients
If you follow above you can have Healthy and Brilliant child. I wish it.
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