Lack of sleep may cause health problems

Lack of sleep may cause health problems

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My memories.. Lack of sleep may cause Health problems
Posted on 30th December 2015
6 Diseases Your Lack of Sleep Could Be Causing
Proper sleeping helps us survive. Literally. Human body cannot survive without resting, as it fills the body with energy after long, working hours. While sleeping, certain processes happen in the body and help the brain focus on memory. During these processes, body cells regenerate and tissues repair. In this way sleeping mends all the damage that has happened while you are awake.
If you do not sleep enough, none of this would happen. You would wake up irritated and moody, not to mention the lack of concentration you shall experience. When this happens for a long time, you are likely to experience severe health issues. A particular study involved the effect insomnia has on different parts of the body.
When you are tired, body pains or other health problems SOUND SLEEP will solve all health problems and keeps fit for your daily activities for Next Day. That is the reason why doctors will prescribe you sleeping tablets. Every person require 6 hours of Sleep out of which 2 hours Sound sleep.
Your healthy food helps U to have sound sleep...Eat Healthy food and protect your health...

My advise
1... Our body needs to repair some of our body parts during our sleep. If we don't sleep the repair is pending due to which our will not cooperate with us.
2.. Our brain needs rest. During your sound sleep it will take rest.
3... All our muscle needs to regain its energy to work.. It is only possible in sleep
4... All of you are experienced that you can do work with more concentration and energy in the morning because all of your body parts reactivated during your sleep.

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