Select the food which consume minimum oxygen for digesting

Select the food which consume minimum oxygen for digesting

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Select the food which consume minimum oxygen for digesting
Posted in 2014

Your food, water and air required to your unborn child
Every one on this universe consumes six liters of Air per minute..which is required to digest your food, cleaning your body parts such as your brain, heart the blood, nervous system etc...
Pregnant woman has to take care of her food, water and air so as to fulfill her body requirements and unborn child's requirements so that her child will grow Healthy. She should not take food which will create pollution in her body so that her health and unborn child's health should not spoil.
All parts body parts your child start developing from 1st day of your pregnancy and his requirements increases daily..I told you that every person takes 6 lts per minuter of Air with his breathing. Your body require 120 ml per breath for your brain, heart and kidney to maintain properly. Your digestive system also require air to digest your food which contain proteins, vitamins, minerals etc.. and supply proteins, vitamins, minerals all all parts of your body through your Blood. Besides this your child also require needed air and nutrients...You child's requirement increases daily if the air is not sufficient your child becomes defective..
So mother's food is very important....Oily, spicy, non vegetarian food etc...will consume more oxygen so that your child will not get sufficient air..I suggest every woman to think this and take food which will consume less oxygen so that you will have Healthy child.
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