Egg problems causes Female infertility

Egg problems causes Female infertility

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Egg problems causes Female infertility
Posted in 2015
Egg problems - Infertility in Female
Eleven percent of reproductive-age couples in the United States have trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. About one-third of these cases are due to female fertility problems, one-third to male fertility problems, and the rest to factors involving both partners or to unexplained causes.
If you've had regular, unprotected sex for more than a year without conceiving (or six months if you're older than 35), About 65 percent of couples that get treatment for a fertility problem are eventually able to have a successful pregnancy, according to Resolve, the national infertility association.
The success rates below are based on averages gathered from large groups of patients. Each couple is unique, so think of the success rate for any treatment as a general snapshot, not a prediction of your chances of having a baby. Read on to learn more about female infertility and available fertility treatments.
Success rates: Thirty to 40 percent of women taking clomiphene citrate to induce ovulation become pregnant by the third treatment cycle. When fertility drugs to increase egg production are combined with artificial insemination, the pregnancy rate is between 10 and 20 percent per treatment cycle.
The percentage of IVF treatment cycles resulting in a live birth (in which one or more babies are born) is about:
41 percent for women age 34 and younger.
31 percent for women ages 35 to 37.
22 percent for women ages 38 to 40.
12 percent for women ages 41 to 42.
My advise
1...... Egg problem is caused due to unhealthy food.
2... When age is advanced some physical changes caused is also cause of egg problem.
3.. Every woman by born is 100% fertile and diminished to 0% due to age
4... I advise every woman to have Healthy child below 30 years
I advice every woman not to postpone for giving birth to the Child... brought to U by


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