Congenital Heart defects study of 56,109 cases..Research

Congenital Heart defects study of 56,109 cases..Research

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Congenital Heart defects study of 56,109 cases..Research
Posted in 2016

Meaning of Congenital
A congenital disease or condition exists at or from birth
Scientist (Group) studied on Congenital Heart defects on 56,109 cases as under
Within a prospective study of 56,109 total births, 457 youngsters have been found to have congenital heart disease. The overall incidence is 8.14/1000 total births, 8.0/1000 for the Negro and 8.3/1000 for the white. A specific lesion has been identified for each patient and lesion frequencies given for each class of patient, stillbirth, neonatal death, infant death, childhood death, and survivors. The percentage of autopsies was 93% in the stillbirths, 89% in the neonatal deaths, and 76% for those dying after 28 days of age. Of those classified as having definite congenital heart disease, 93% have been examined by a pediatric cardiologist. The average follow-up time for the 272 survivors is 3 years. Thirty-five per cent of patients with ventricular septal defect surviving more than 6 months had their lesion close spontaneously; one-half of the survivors with tetralogy of Fallot were "atypical," and essentially equal numbers of blacks and whites had all types of coarctation of the aorta in line with the study population, which is 47% black and 53% white.
My advise
1... I am telling U from the beginning "Prevention is always better than cure"
2.. I explained U causes of Congenital heart defects with my articles.
3.. Take proper care and prevent your child from Heart defects.
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