Dysfunction can be cured in Male infertility

Dysfunction can be cured in Male infertility

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Dysfunction can be cured in Male infertility
Posted in 2015

In many cases, simply making changes to your lifestyle (reducing stress, losing weight, cutting down on drinking) can help you regain your ability to perform. The healthier you are in general, the less likely you are to suffer from ED.
Stress and anxiety
In order to achieve an erection, you need to be relaxed and aroused. Your mood has a big effect on your ability to get an erection, so anxiety and depression can play a part in erectile dysfunction. In these cases, therapy or counselling can help you understand and resolve your anxiety.
Underlying medical problems
If you are suffering from an underlying problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure, managing your condition well is likely to improve your erectile function. You may also be able to take a medication such as Viagra or Cialis to help you have sex.
ED as a side effect
ED can also occur as a side effect of some medications, for example some high blood pressure medications such as certain diuretics and beta blockers. If you think that a medication you are taking has a negative effect on your sex life, you should discuss this with your prescribing doctor. Your doctor may be able to recommend an alternative treatment.
My advise
1... Most of health and infertility problems can be cured with Healthy life style... So modify your life style.
2....Follow healthy habits.
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