Congenital CMV

Congenital CMV..  a kind of Infection during 1st pregnancy

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Congenital CMV.. a kind of Infection during 1st pregnancy
Posted in 2014

Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is a very common member of the herpes family of viruses. By age 40, half of the adult population has been infected with CMV. Usually, a CMV infection is short-lived, does not produce noticeable symptoms, and afterward lies dormant in the body for life.
But what happens if a pregnant woman picks up CMV for the first time during a pregnancy, or has a recurrent infection from a previous exposure? Are there risks to the fetus? And if so, how can your healthcare provider help to minimize these risks?
In this article, we will address the birth defects associated with congenital CMV and ways to protect yourself and your growing baby. If you’d like to know more about CMV during pregnancy in general,  See my next articles
My advise
1.... It is kind Infections generally after  40 years of conception if you are first to conceive.
2...  It is attacked it may be attacked in you next pregnancy.
3...  If you follow healthy food no infection could harm you.

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