How common of CMV?

How common of CMV?

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How common of CMV?
Posted in 2014

Cytomegalovirus (CMV):
  • By 40 years of age, over half of all adults have been infected with CMV.
  • Is more widespread in developing countries and in areas of lower socioeconomic conditions.
Is higher among the following risk groups:
  • babies in utero (most common virus with which children are born in the USA)
  • people who work with children
  • immunocompromised persons, such as organ transplant recipients and persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

How is CMV spread?

Transmission of CMV occurs from person to person and is not associated with food, water, or animals. CMV is not highly contagious but has been shown to spread in households and among young children in daycare centers.
For young children and families to avoid CMV and other viruses, this is why hand washing and avoiding touching the face (specifically mouth, eyes, and nose) is important. The virus, if passed onto a hand, may not enter the body, but if this hand touches the mouth, eyes, or nose, it is able to enter the body.
CMV is spread through close, intimate contact with a person excreting the virus in their saliva, urine, breast milk, or other bodily fluids. This means that anything from sharing a drink or utensil (saliva) to sexual contact/intercourse (bodily fluids such as cervical mucus or ejaculate fluid) could pass the virus.

My advise
1...  Follow healthy food to increase your body resistance
2.... Drink sufficient water

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