Paralysis or Stroke day 29th October 2015

Paralysis or Stroke day 29th October 2015

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Paralysis or Stroke day 29th October 2015
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Paralysis or Stroke Day.....29th October 2015
Paralysis is a condition involving a loss of muscle function in the body that may be accompanied by sensory loss, also referred to as loss of feeling.
The term is derived from the Greek word that means disabling of the nerves. This is because it is usually due to damage to the nervous system that there is loss of motor function or sensory information.
There are several possible reasons that one may experience temporary or permanent paralysis. It is usually as a results of damage to the spinal cord or other parts of the nervous system and associated with:
Cerebral palsy
Peripheral Neuropathy
Parkinson’s disease
Spina bifida
Multiple sclerosis
Guillain-Barré syndrome.
My Personal Experience:::I have been attacked from Sever Strokes in 1998 and 2003. My complete right side ...hand, leg and face right side have been effected but my mind function is not effected...Many doctors told to my family members that I will not be cured. I applied my theory ie. Medical Astrology and found the cause. I applied my principles and after 2 years I came to Normal Position. Then I decided my self to bring the subject to the World so that Many people will be benefited. I got ISO certification for Infertility Services. Please see my blog ""See my Health blogs"" I explained various Health Problem Scientifically and Medical Astrologically so that all people benefited. Please see and take necessary precautions to protect your Health... 

My advise
1....  Paralysis or stroke is a life long health problem.
2...   The should not lose self confidence and should try it with physical exercise and healthy habits until you cure completely.
3....  Even after cure you should continue physical exercise and healthy habits so that it will not repeat again.

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