Prevention is better than Cure

Prevention is better than Cure

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Prevention is better than Cure
Posted in 2015

I FEEL PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE --Every couple can prevent Defective births with their Healthy food, Healthy life style etc...Please observe all animals which possess same parts as we have. No animal is taking medicines, consulting any specialist for their Infertility Problem but they are giving birth to HEALTHY CHILD. We have been included in Biology considering us as Animal because we have same parts and functioning are also similar. Animals are following Healthy food, Healthy life style birth to their child. I sincerely advise every one to follow Healthy food, Healthy life style keep yourself Healthy and give birth to Health child...What ever your body needs are available in your food...No side effects ...No reaction... .visit my blogs to know the contents of your food and what minerals, nutrients etc...required for your child birth visit my website
World Birth Defects Day: March 3, 2015
Every year nearly 8 million babies around the world—6 percent of all births—are born with a serious birth defect.1 In many countries, birth defects are one of the leading causes of death in infants and young children.2 Babies who survive and live with these conditions are at an increased risk for long-term disabilities. In the spirit of global partnership, CDC and the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research (ICBDSR) are collaborating with 10 other organizations to implement World Birth Defects Day (World BD Day
You can see birth defects in US from the following link…/birthdefects/features/birthdefects-key…

My advise
1...  I am telling how to prevent birth defects since last few years but I am receiving mails or messages from the couples about their defective child
2...  It clearly indicates that the couple are not following healthy habits, healthy food etc..
3...  I advise every couple when you decided to birth to a Healthy child you must follow healthy habits.  I wish it

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